This page of pictures is in memory of a close friend of ours who passed away in 2007.
Dave MacDonald was a very kind and generous man who befriended us
in 2005 and we quickly became his band.
We had a great time with him on several road trips
and he was always ready to "WHOOP IT UP!!" - his favourite expression.
In fact Dan and Kim have used the phrase in a song for the next March Hare cd.
He was a great 'ol guy, he was a lot of fun and we are all going to miss him.

Kim, Dan, Andy and Ian



Best buds!



Karen whoopin' it up with Dave



Ian and Dave



Andy and Dave at Hastings Park



Ashley, Dave and Kimmy Kat



Road trip with Dave to Sun Peaks Resort



In Coombs: Todd, Dan, Mandy, Kimmy Kat, Andy, Dave, Roger and Ian



Dave was great with the chicks!



An avid golfer



Ashley, Dave and Lynette





Dave and Suzanne


We'll miss you, Dave.





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